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SunnyBio photoClarity, empathy, truth – this is Sunny.

Sunny is deeply passionate about the power and sacredness of touch on all layers of the body: physical, mental, energetic and spiritual. She calls what she does the, “Art of Expansion“, guiding people on journeys from contraction to expansion, from healing to pleasure, from pain and disconnection to joy and full life-force energy, from suppressed emotions to healthily expressed feelings. Sunny understands intuitively how to move from a space of doing into a place of simply being with what is – approaching, always, with non-violence.

Sunny is a facilitator for Tantric and self-development seminars, workshops, trainings and retreats all over the world, as well as a 500 hours-certified Tantra Yoga teacher, meditation, mindfulness and bodywork facilitator. As an experienced relationship and emotional rebalancing coach, energy practitioner and breath-work practitioner she has been involved in the fields of integrative healing and coaching for many years.

In her private practice she supports people to expand their relationships and move into sacred sexuality expressed through the heart. Sunny is providing a wide range of massages and techniques as initiations into tantric experience and consciousness. She supports people in a co-creational process to get in touch with their bodies, guiding them to relax deeply so their energy can flow unobstructed.

Sunnys path is one of holding space with strong presence and clear and safe boundaries. She shines her light of clarity into dark spaces, guiding others into their truth – the place where transformation begins.

Sunny’s spiritual path began as a small child. Through an intimate connection with the natural world she discovered oneness; that everything and everyone is interconnected. The experience of ‘oneness’ is what she shares when she assists people as they reconnect back to the deepest, truest parts of themselves.

After working as a director in the field of international management consultancy for more than a decade, it was time for making a transition into a more healthier and purposeful existence. Sunny rebuilt her life and was led by intuition through a process of deep healing to the place of embodied empowerment she lives from today.

Her thirst for self-enquiry led her to the roots of Tantra. She lived, studied and taught traditional Tantra in India’s Shri Kali Ashram for several years. Her fascination took her to different Tantra schools and teachers all over the world.

Sunny feels honoured to be a facilitator for the AwakeningWithin Foundation which Andrew Barnes created. She is deeply passionate about what we are sharing with the world. On a personal level, the relationship processes on the retreats have guided her through her own healing process of identifying and replacing dysfunctional patterns with healthy self-nurturing behaviours, transforming how she relates to herself and others. This showed her how to respond with maturity to life’s challenges and live from a place of self-responsibility rather than victimhood. Another key is the expansion of her physical body into the energy body through de-armouring; here she learned to surrender and let joy become a state that arises naturally.

Sunny completed certifications in Tantric Body De-armouring, Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantric Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Biodynamic Rebalancing, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Biodynamic Breath-work and Trauma Release, Ayurvedic Massage to name the most important ones.

She is studying for a degree in Psychology with the Open University, specialising in transpersonal psychology. Also Sunny is in supervision in the Relationship Map Coaching program with Andrew Barnes and in supervision with John Hawken’s Path of Transformation.

Sunny is based in Koh Phangan/Thailand in winter and Europe in summer.

Education and Trainings: 

Tantric Body De-Armouring Level 1& 2 – Andrew Barnes, several countries

Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm Levels 1& 2 – Andrew Barnes, several countries

Tantric Facilitator Training – Andrew Barnes, Worldwide

The Art of Initiatory Tantra Massage, John Hawken and Jenni Joy, Thailand

Chi Nei Tsang – Mantak Chia/Satyama, Thailand

Biodynamic Rebalancing – Rasal Antalji, India

Biodynamic Breath Work and Trauma Release – Integral Body Institute, Alexander Giten Tonkov, Nisarga Dobosz, Poland

Psychology of the Chakras – Dr. Anodea Judith, Bali

500 hrs International Yoga Alliance Tantra Yoga Teacher – Sri Kali Ashram, India

Yoga and Psychotherapy – Agama Healing Center, Dr. Mihaiela Pentiuc (Ananda Maha) and Elica Lordes, Thailand

Path of Partnership – Elica Lordes and Amitayus

The Path of Love, Sambhavo Lombardo and Satyarthi Peloquin, Osho Afroz Meditation Center, Greece

Cosmic Sexuality – Valentina Leo, South Africa

Oneness Awakening Course – The Yoga Barn, Punnu Sing Wasu, Bali

Sexuality Retreat Level 1, Thailand

Sexual De-Conditioning – Sweden

Advanced Sex – Sweden

Ecstatic Love – Kobi and Anna Maria, Thailand

Tantric Massage, several teachers, Agama Yoga, Thailand

Nutritionist Specialist Training, Dr. Kurt Mosetter, Germany

MBA in General Management, University of Kassel, Germany

De-escalation and First Aid course, International Red Cross

Life Guard, International Red Cross


Staff member for The Path of Love, Osho Afroz Meditation Center, Greece

Plume Angel, fair trade project, supporting Balinese Mums

Member of The Red Tent, Women’s Healing Space, Africa Burn, South Africa

Permaculture and De-foresting with Green Pop, Zambia and South Africa

Diverse projects for Animal Shelters worldwide

Schools and Mentors:

Andrew Barnes AwakeningWithin Foundation

Sri Kali Ashram, India

Path of Transformation – John Hawken

Path of Love – Rafia and Turiya

Spiritual guides: Osho and Mooji


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