October 30, 2018 – November 4, 2018 all-day
Life Artists
Milastraße 3
10437 Berlin
Silja Rehfeldt

with *** Sunny Ju – Lead-facilitator and ***Silja Rehfeldt – Co-facilitator

Tantric Body De-armouring (TBD) is a combination of practices including movement, massage, trigger point release and specific stretching.

WHEN: October 30th – 4th Nov. 2018,
TIME: 09:00am – 07:00pm ( 09:00-19:00)

Where: Life Artists Creators HUB, Milastr.3 ( Prenzlauer Berg)
10437 Berlin

This is a NON-RESIDENTIAL retreat!

Accommodation options: 1a Apartment – 1a-apartment.de
Free Wifi, Free Parking, 7.Nights 10%
4.Nights 5%, Rooms to share for
several participants if wanted.

Food: We serve vegetarian meal at lunchtime. Snacks, water and tea will be provided and are included in the price.

Super Early Bird 590€ (until 31.08.18)
Early Bird 640€ (until 30.09.18)
Regular 690€

Bring a friend and receive 50€ less on your payment.
Repeaters – please send us a request!

Registration and information:
Silja Rehfeldt – Unitedbliss.com

Please bring: Comfortable clothes, a blanket, towels, a lunghi/sarong, pen and paper – if you like to make notes, water bottle and what else you think is important to you .

“The universal elixir of life is to be at a high vibration.” Andrew Barnes. https://awakeningwithin.ngo/

Created by Andrew Barnes, facilitated by Sunny Ju & Silja Rehfeldt.

Many spiritual and religious traditions have advocated denying, escaping or somehow transcending the body in order to gain spiritual altitude. But what if the body, itself, is a gateway to higher consciousness – and sexual energy is a conduit for spiritual bliss, abundance, and prosperity?

In this 6-day workshop, you will be introduced to the keys for illuminating your own vibrational frequency so you can step into the joy of awakened, embodied being. In a safe, supportive environment, you can set yourself free of the armour that lowers your vibration, and begin to experience the ecstatic, creative power of your own unbounded sexual life-force energy, in preparation for levels 2 and 3.

Tantric Body De-armouring (TBD) enables us to let go of holding patterns that lower our vibrational frequency and stand in the way of our full participation and enjoyment of life. These holding patterns are composed of unresolved sexual stress, corresponding emotional imbalances, and the physical tensions these engender. Many people unknowingly carry these limitations throughout their lives while wondering why they are so difficult to move beyond. TBD offers a simple solution to transcend the old cycle of constantly having to ‘heal ourselves’.

Tantra is a pathway not only to sexual ecstasy and spiritual growth but also to health, relationship vitality, and life purpose. In our time together, we will prepare our bodies and nervous systems to generate high-vibrational bliss states as a platform for our bliss – and for accessing expanded states of consciousness. This will support participants in letting go of victim consciousness and releasing stuck patterns – thereby up-levelling brain chemistry and awakening dormant cognitive and intuitive capacities.

As a participant you will learn to integrate internal feminine and masculine energies, which will change the way you experience your life, sexuality, and interact in relationships. You’ll also explore how to –

• Exchange Tantric Body De-armouring sessions with other
• Explore Orgastic Breath Dance Meditations.
• Generate, build, and breathe sexual energy into the higher level chakras and glands of your body.
• Liberate your capacity to experience bliss states throughout all the cells in your body.
• Use your sexual energies – and the endorphins they trigger – as a fuel for living –rather than having to operate each day on will-power and adrenaline.
• Reach new levels of self-expression and freedom around your unique sensuality and sexuality.
• Apply our unique and practical relationship model to all areas of your life.
• Re-pattern your nervous system to build your capacity for greater pleasure.
• Experience the transformational power of the Reconciliation Ritual.

It is conscious awareness and acceptance of our whole self – and the freedom to communicate our truth – that empowers us to create the life we long to live. This highly experiential, fun, intense, and expansive retreat is for people seeking to expand their personal freedom and enhance their pleasure in being.

This retreat is for men and women, singles and couples, of all sexual orientations who want to expand their horizons and explore maximum potentials. You’ll learn new practices and know yourself more clearly than you ever did before.

Note: At the beginning of our retreat we will establish guidelines and boundaries so that every participant feels fully honored and supported in moving only as fast and as far as their sense of safety permits. No one is required to do anything they do not want to do, and we will create social group without peer group pressure, so each person decides their level of involvement.

Sunny Ju & Silja Rehfeldt – Find our bios here:


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