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Making ends meet can be tough, but your support can make it easier for others in difficult circumstances to attend an AwakeningWithin Foundation event.

AwakeningWithin Foundation is a not-for-profit, humanitarian, community service organisation that has now become a highly recognised concern, offering a wide range of personal/spiritual development services internationally.

The Foundation delivers a range of powerful services for individuals and couples. This includes seminars, courses, and retreats designed to educate and to awaken people as to why they are here. People can explore a profound depth of vibrancy and intimacy in their daily lives through learning to how cultivate and circulate their sexual energy in such a way that they are able to use this energy as a fuel for living, to create bliss states in the body, and as a platform for accessing higher levels of consciousness.
Your contribution will provide support to individuals or couples who require assistance to participate in AwakeningWithin Foundation courses, retreats, and mentoring programs.

Please click here to apply for assistance and to read the eligibility requirements.

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