AwakeningWithin Foundation

Andrew established AwakeningWithin in 2005, as a not-for-profit, humanitarian, community service organisation which has now become a highly recognised concern, offering a wide range of personal/spiritual development services internationally.

The foundation delivers a range of powerful services for individuals and couples, including seminars, courses, and retreats designed to inform and awaken people as to why they are here, and experience how to cultivate their sexual energy in such a way that they’re able to use this energy as a fuel for living in daily life, to create bliss states for healing, and as a platform for accessing higher expanded realms of consciousness.

New humanity

AwakeningWithin supports the spiritual development of people such that the new humanity may co-create together in cooperation and harmony, without competition or rivalry, to achieve a more conscious and peaceful common unity, without judgment of fellow beings, while fully aware of their physical environment and sharing collaboratively together for their common peaceful purposes. This is achieved in peace, harmony, compassion, and selfless service to others. Love is service and service is love…

AwakeningWithin supports social and environmental self-sufficiency of humanity, to awaken people to their own consciousness, intuition, and learning from within. This will acknowledge the natural human beings divine spiritual truth and in particular to empower them to live functional lives promoting recognition of humanity’s fundamental sovereign rights irrespective of gender, race, religion, class, and political or social environment.

Your contributions to the AwakeningWithin Foundation to support the evolution of consciousness worldwide through sexual development, using sexual energy as a fuel for living, expanding consciousness, and revolutionising relationships.


Through the AwakeningWithin Foundation we have an opportunity to experience living in a community seeded on the premise that rapture is a platform for expanding consciousness. Letting go of antiquated self-identities and evolving to the next level of consciousness as a species requires transcending into new ways of being in each moment.

AwakeningWithin Foundation (AWF) provides this platform of inspiration by supporting creative, passionate, visionary, and self-initiating beings to co-create, from a state of greathearted love, heart-centered sexuality, compassion, empathy, and shared power.

Many beings have had peak experiences at Tantric sexuality events. After such experiences, some may feel perplexed about how to pragmatically sublimate their sexual energy into a greathearted love. At AWF, we explore how this sexual energy can be used as a fuel for vitalising relationships, career, and daily life to support all sentient beings and the planet as a whole.

AWF provides the opportunity to experience living your dharma in community. The events facilitated through AWF’s wonderful tribe of facilitators let’s you immerse yourself in this feel-think-experience-tank of vibrant energy and to explore your maximum potential.


AWF, rather than having a ‘vision’, has a ‘being’. As a collective, we animate held spaces, experiencing Tantric energy as a living, breathing meditation to nourish and enhance relationships, sexuality, and architect social change.

We celebrate and broaden our capacity for togetherness in a self-responsible, harm-minimising way, whilst supporting self-expression, authenticity, and tribal culture. We encourage:

  • Expressing your personal boundaries.
  • Respecting the personal boundaries of others.
  • Honouring our bodies and sexuality as sacred keystones of evolution.
  • Choosing your level of involvement in each moment.
  • A peer group pressure-free environment.
  • Fostering a guilt-free culture so it’s accepted to express our no or yes.
  • Respecting all gender expressions and sexual orientations.
  • Respecting all relationship styles – for example, monogamy, polyamory, celibacy, or newer paradigm relationships.

As a butterfly effect, we emanate our own unique frequency of being, thus gently manifesting broader social change.

Whilst prioritising greathearted love and heart-centered sexual energy as an integral part of our evolutionary practice, we transition into being first, rather than doing. This state of being extends beyond our sense of self and into nurturing our relationships, societies, all the animals, and the entire planet. From this place of being, a doing with the quality of an intuitive response emerges, and co-creation reveals itself.

Evolution unfolds through raising vibration, increasing vitality, along with embracing and parenting our shadow. The essential ingredients of this concoction are Tantric practices, sexual meditation, greathearted love, joyousness, dance, play, togetherness, authenticity, nutrition, ceremony, full presence, earth & visual arts, music, love-generating relationships, and pragmatic exploring of wisdom. Marinating in this tranquillity, our nervous system builds its capacity to tolerate pleasure, experience rapture, and to risk living authentically.


Shifting planetary consciousness by living in the collective human heart is vital. We invite fascination and superinquisitiveness, whilst maintaining a self-deprecating awareness of our own monkey-mind, and not taking life or ourselves too seriously. We don’t know the answers to humanity’s problems, and prefer to err on the side of humility and humour rather than ultra-spirituality...

Making evolution a reality is essential. We’ll be this through igniting our sovereign creative expression and by inviting supercalifragilisticexpialidocious beings together to co-create and collaborate.

We prioritise harm minimisation, so at AWF all food and drink is nutritious, delicious, vegan (mostly organic), and non-alcoholic. Caring for the environment, we will leave where we have been more enriched than we found it, ensuring this magnificent world will be left for future generations to enjoy.

Creating a legacy for the land and community with restoration, regeneration, and sustainability is at the centre of the AWF experience. Love to all oxox.



Tantric Body De-armouring Retreat Sweden 2015
Tantric Body De-armouring and Energy Orgasm Retreat Poland 2013
Orgasmic Wisdom Women's Retreat Czech Republic 11/17
Czech Republic Tantric Body De-armouring & Energy Orgasm Retreat 11/17

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